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Instrumental Analysis

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Our Instrumental Analysis Laboratory also uses highly sensitive and state-of-the-art equipment for raw material input controls and raw material effects analysis in foam reciping by R & D department control. This laboratory was conditioned under normal conditions (23 ° C and 50% relative humidity) with air conditioning sys- tem. In the Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, all mass measurements are made in an airless and non-vibrating environment with a sensitivity of 0.00001 g. The kinematic viscosity is measured with a viscometric device to calculate parameters such as how the raw material of the foam will be treated physically from the raw material, how many bars can be worked under pressure, and what type of piping can be transported. Measurements are also performed at STP. NCO & OH measurements and Water Reanimation Tests are performed with a titration device. The device has the top technology of its own segment.NCO & OH and water values are very important parameters in reciping in foam casting and the quality parameters of sponge (density, cell structure, hardness, breakage, tearing, strength under pressure, air permeability etc.) are significantly affected when these values are included in the measurement and formulations .





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