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Tomorrows packaging technology

Just as packaging technology is an important matter for all manufacturers in industrial fields, it is the same for Form Foam as well. Packaging has been a significant investment area for Form Foam, allowing the company to utilize advanced technology packaging methods on all its production, thereby providing advantageous logistic opportunities and meeting customers needs.
Form Foam is able to offer packaging on widths up to 210 cm and heights up to 240 cm without vacuuming, or offer vacuum pack option upon customer demand. Vacuumed packaging is possible for maximum height of 80 cm, width of up to 150 cm and length of up to 240 cm, with up to 50% vacuum application. Another packaging option Form Foam presents customers is the block packaging method. This method applies up to 80% pressure on products and is useful in the packaging of block foam as well as cut foam.


The vacuum packaging option provided by Form Foam allows customers to store large volume products in smaller areas and save significantly on transportation costs. The cylinder packaging method is another vacuum packaging option available from Form Foam, allowing for the compression of cylinder foam from 100 cm down to 30 cm. This method allows for up to 70% savings on transportation.


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