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Foam production technology and capacity in Turkey and the Region

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Pillow technology and capacity in Turkey and the Region

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We, Erciyes Anadolu Holding's biggest investments in chemistry as FORM FOAM we do this proudly all over the world.

We went the way from you.  We were inspired by your needs, anticipations and feelings ... For that, we have brought a whole new dimension to comfort and a perfect form to perfection. Because, it was important for us to enjoy life from everything.  We know the values that add comfort to life very well. For this, we are not only producing foams, we are creating forms that add pleasure, naturalness and health to life. What we produce furniture to automotive, home textiles to isolation from each other to offer many different sectors.  They also offer you in different forms, from the armchair to the sofa, from the pillow to the sofa, just like we do, out of your needs and expectations, interpreted with design and technology. And that's where life meets the comfort it needs.

Production Technology

Form Foam which utilizes advanced cutting techniques such as rolls, swivels, profiles and CNC in production, is able to cut different types of foams and catch unique forms, as well as easily respond to the requests of customers from private sector.

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Control Technology
Form Foam carries out the final checks of all raw materials used in production as well as the products to be sent to customers in its own private laboratories.

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Packaging Technology

Form Foam makes considerable investments in packaging and packs its products with high technology packaging methods in its facilities, providing great advantages to customers in the logistics process.

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