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About us

Life in form!

Sleep sound at night… Start your day energized… Rest right while watching tv on your favorite chair… Provide your customers with a relaxing environment… Enjoy a comfortable ride in the car, bus or plane...
We began our journey based on your needs, expectations and perceptions.
That’s why we worked so hard to add a new dimension to comfort and a new form to perfection.
Providing new forms for your comfort is our biggest joy. Our area of expertise is products that add to your comfort.
That’s why we’re committed to manufacturing more than foam, and specialized in adding joy, naturalness, and health with our products.
From furniture to automotive, home textiles to insulation, our products provide solutions to many industries.
Each industry in turn takes our products and transforms them with new technologies and designs, specializing in adding features that enhance your life for better living.
From your car seat to the sofa and pillow, we’re proud to be offering different forms to meet your creature comforts in every area of your life.



As Form Foam, the chemicals industry investment of one of Turkey’s biggest groups, we’re proud of providing the essentials of comfort the world over.



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