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Integrated Management System Policy

Fixed Form of Quality…

As Form Foam we aim to contribute to sustainable development by gaining the trust of our stakeholders by acting in line with legal requirements with the Integrated Management System that we have established in line with our vision, mission, principles and values. In accordance with this purpose;;

•To develop systems to ensure occupational health and safety in our activities and to prevent work accidents,
•Focusing on protecting our natural environment and being respectful to people and the environment,
•Reducing waste, increase the rate of recycling and to reduce the use of natural resources,
•Using energy-efficient, to increase the share of renewable energy sources in energy use,
•To carry out the activities necessary for procuring, training and implementing the resources to maintain and improve the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory Quality Management System,
•To increase cooperation with neighboring facilities, authorities and local administrations in Health, Safety and Environment issues,
•Being Customer-focused and sustainable in meeting expectations and handling customer complaints effectively,
•Following technological developments,
•To be able to intervene in emergencies,
•Providing solutions by customer-focused approach and increasing customer satisfaction by observing customer satisfaction principles
•Having limpidity to our stakeholders in our applications
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