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Technology based quality inspired by life.

By meeting customer demands of various kinds with high technology production equipment and methods combined with years of experience,
Form Foam aims to raise the bar on product and service quality even further.
Form Foam has been successful in differentiating itself from others in the industry, especially in the moulding and cutting techniques,
and continues to provide high technology products with various features like FlexiFoam, Viscolex Foam, Soft Foam, Dura Foam, HR Foam and Mould Foam available in different colors and densities.
As the first company in Turkey with continuous moulding technology to manufacture highly elastic, stable cell structure foams,
Form Foam takes advantage of advanced cutting techniques like cylinder, revolving, profile and CNC cutters to give shape to foams of varying types and easily meet custom cut foam demands customers may make.
The cylinder foam cutting is available at thicknesses varying between 0,17 cm to 5 cm, while the CNC cutting technique allows foams of all density and firmness to be transformed into qualified products cut to precision thanks to computer controlled programming.
Form Foam is able to meet consumer demands for varying profile cut types including single, three or four design options. The recycle unit within Form Foam presents foam that is made by reproducing the scrap pieces off cutting lines into block form, which is later cut and shaped to meet customer needs. Form Foam has the capability to supply “flexible polyurethane foam” in densities required by European, USA and British standards.





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